bounty hunter quicksilver.

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bounty hunter quicksilver.

Post by zxadi » Sun Sep 09, 2012 2:40 pm

Anyone else got one :-/ . Had mine for 2 weeks ( 2 beach outings ) know on first outing , all seemed good a few modern coins found :D , and the odd iron etc. MACHINE WAS VERY GOOD EVEN PICKING UP A 50P AT ABOUT 5 IN, second trip (ARRRRGGGHHHH) just could not do a thing readings a bleeps every where ?, ie, locate a coin sound, then it turns to a iron sound a goes between the 2 , dig and find nowt. this happened for 2 hours and only a 1cent coin found. any ideas etc.

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Re: bounty hunter quicksilver.

Post by Cooper natural » Sun Jan 20, 2013 6:37 pm

I have also had a Bounty Hunter Quick silver for about 2-3 weeks since xmas. I have been out three times with I,t and was quite impressed with my success rate, for the short amount of time that I got out. I went to my local woods for about an hou,r and it was slow going as I had my mate's son digging for me which took an age, but I did find a Silver plated spoon handle and a couple of 2p's. I have also been down to Littlehampton twice for about two hours each time, first time a found 52p of various modern coins and also picked up some surprisingly small items at depth, then the second occasion I found only four coins which equated to £1.22 these items were mostly found on the high tide line on the stones, I was beginning to get a jist for what was going to come out based on the tone of the item. I found it best and easiest to search on all metal if you try and mask out the Iron it tends to give you many ghost type bleeps which appear to be larger Iron items trying to work their way through the discrimination, if you can be patient and put up with all metal I think you will enjoy plenty of good finds.
I did notice a lot of interference with the wet sand and if I managed to hit a stone, floor or a puddle I would get a lovely false beep that would always indicate as a Coin.
Hope somehow that has helped if not feel free to ask me more from my experiences of this machine.
good luck and happy hunting.


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