Possible faulty coil?

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Possible faulty coil?

Post by Watsy »

Having a bit of bother with my beloved CS4PI recently when the coil gets wet at the beach, it immediately starts signalling very erratcially. I'm thinking I may have to get in touch with CScope regarding a repair to see if it's worth my while getting it fixed but is there anything worth checking before I have to send it off?

Things I've tried:
Check batteries are full.
Check no sand under coil cover, it does it even with coil cover off.
Check lead isn't too loose.

What I'll maybe do tomorrow if I get a chance is fill a big container with water and dip the head in and if starts going all crazy I'm guessing there must be water getting in somewhere. I had a look at the coil earlier and it seems perfect. Thing is it has happened on the last few trips to the beach and today I just packed up and came home yet when I tried it in the garden this afternoon it was perfectly stable.

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Re: Possible faulty coil?

Post by Koala »

Yep sounds like water is entering your coil.

unfortunately unless a crack is visible its likely to be entering by or near the cable.

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