Cs3mxi Beach detecting

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Cs3mxi Beach detecting

Post by Jimmy07 »

Hello I'm new to detecting and got myself a 3mxi as a newbie don't know nothing about detectors can
You tell me if this detector is ok to do Beach and if it's ok for a beginner like myself?

Thanks James ::g

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Re: Cs3mxi Beach detecting

Post by vespaman »

if your going to do beaches get a cs4psi I recon the 3mxi will false on the wet sand.

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Re: Cs3mxi Beach detecting

Post by mrix »

Should work ok on the dry sand but as vespaman noted will struggle on the wet mineralised stuff.

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Re: Cs3mxi Beach detecting

Post by Saxo45 »

I used the 3mx on the wet sand and it did surprisingly well.Don't overcook it on the sensitivity and rotate the discrim knob until the machine runs stable.If you can put up with a little bit of chatter you can reduce the discrim a little for extra depth.
Not the greatest on the wet stuff but it can work.......and get reasonable depth which is surprising.
Great little machine for beginners and experienced users.

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Re: Cs3mxi Beach detecting

Post by Koala »

Not all wet sand is the same.
Nice even will be the best to look for

You might have to crank up the discrimination and/or lower the sensitivity but even then some wet sand will you round the bend.

Get out and try it you will soon get a feeling as what's possible

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