Lidl aluminium coin cases restocked - £13

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Lidl aluminium coin cases restocked - £13

Post by Guppy »


Just thought you'd like to know those great coin cases from Lidl are back!

The video is from 2012, however they are currently on offer instore.

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Re: Lidl aluminium coin cases restocked - £13

Post by davethegas »

Great!....I have a few of these, its useful to put a piece of cloth between each tray as the finds can get rattled out now and again.

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Re: Lidl aluminium coin cases restocked - £13

Post by sweepstick47 »

These Lidl coin storage boxes are a practical, not to say cheaper alternative to some of the examples advertised in numismatic publications. ::g As mentioned by davethegas above, some form of padding is required to prevent the coins from rattling about in their drawers.

It's worth bearing in mind, that materials which are hygroscopic (absorb moisture from the atmosphere) should be avoided if storage conditions (humidity/temperature levels) are liable to fluctuate significantly e.g. attic/shed/posh shed (mancave) and the like.

I fell foul of this fact after storing a large number coins in what I believed to be protective coin envelopes 8-| which were bagged-up in cloth 'Bank Bags' and then proceeded to carry them around the various attic locations for the duration of my army service rl;

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Re: Lidl aluminium coin cases restocked - £13

Post by Easylife »

Regarding the standard Lidl coin case, the tray accommodation is a bit sloppy as by just adding one more tray would ensure a snug fit. Though the 3.5cm of foam in the top part does seem a somewhat waste of space that could otherwise perhaps house another 4 or 5 coin trays with a retaining layer?
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Re: Lidl aluminium coin cases restocked - £13

Post by Bors »

I can never find anything worthy enough to be "displayed ". All my coins I find, just end up in the "found coins Tin " rl;
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