Help with Garrett at Gold

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Help with Garrett at Gold

Post by maki28 »

I just bought garrett at gold. i am very satisfied, but i need help. can u tell me how to make difference between regular metal, and gold. bcs it showing me about 60 to 80 on scale, and when turn iron audio, it's clean high tone, but when i dig its just scrap. can u give me some advices on that, what target id number should i look, and stuff like that. i would really be thankfull...

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Re: Help with Garrett at Gold

Post by Ricky p »

Hi Maki28
that's the 64000 dollar question, but there's no answer,
you can discrim on the control panel as you already know
have you done bench tests to listen to the different tones different metals give off,
as a rule of thumb I dig everything I find, that way you don't miss anything!!

Ricky p

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Re: Help with Garrett at Gold

Post by pengles »

HI. If only it were that easy. You will get used to the different tones etc, but the numbers can be very misleading. With iron my Deus normally gives off a horrible low grunt with readings in single figures, but badly rusted iron will give readings up in the 90's, which is, I'm told the same for big Silver. I'm digging less and less scrap, but every now and then will get a signal and think 'oh, it's probably rusty iron or a shottie', get a few steps away and have to go back and have a look, just in case.
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Re: Help with Garrett at Gold

Post by Johnboy66 »

Hi Maki

Last year I purchased the AT Pro and had similar issues so I guess the two machines are similar in some ways, at first I found it really annoying and couldnt work it out but over time I have have learnt the sounds and I know the sound of a modern 1 penny which shows 80 on the scale but it also has distinct sound. It is just a game of patience and use and in six months you will reduce the scrap digging by 90% but as with all metal detectors I presume we will all get caught out with a bottle top now and then

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