musings on the Racer Gold

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musings on the Racer Gold

Post by chesters4 » Wed Aug 23, 2017 1:16 pm

Had a few trips out with it and overall impressed with its performance in locating buried metal
BUT the clue is on the box "finds it all big or small" and it does ,it does that extremely well indeed!

Now before someone jumps in its not really suited to what i am using it for (or rather using it in) i quite agree its not suited at all in either fields i am using it in but in the first case i need it to find everything in the second hoping more than anything it will find something.

In my present field its absolutely full of rubbish and it overwhelms my F75 it can get 3 beeps under the search coil at once and thats just on the surface !
So i have decided to use the racer to remove everything i can then go in with the f75 to hopefully get the older stuff ,however in one corner i have notched out ring pulls and dug only high tones so most coins have gone along with the plethera of silver rings in this field!

As a beep and dig machine the gold racer is unbeatable it happily tells you theres a 5p sized bit of foil at 4" and it finds gold with the same enthusiasm (two bits so far) and thats what i am after and as you know to find it you dig everything and i mean everything (not sure how to attach pictures ) but amagine a black bag half full of rubbish and thats 5 trips of a couple of hours at a time. ... ed-friend/
And remember its been detected with the f75 previously and this is the cleanest bit of the field it gets FAR worse!
The disadvantages though in the gold racer is the discriminating system basically there is none!
Foil comes in at 36-56 ring pulls come in from 55 to 75 and iron and coke anywhere ,basically any signal over 6" deep is iron and like the f75 sharp bits of iron fools it completely.
The ID numbers in air are spot on but that disapears in reality once soil is involved they are all over the shop.
Basically its discrimination is pants so i ignore it set the tone break at 40 and dig everything and thats fine for me .
As a beep and dig machine i LOVE it but its vastly over priced for such a thing but if it can winkle out gold the effort is well worth it and its already a third of the way to paying for itself!

Its crude ,over priced but i damn well love it dispite its flaws

I forgot to mention the other field is basically empty searched by many machines but only ever found one hammie in it ,it was hoped the racer would winkle out a few merely because it should respond to low conductors better ,unfortunately its iron and coke attraction makes that far more difficult

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