pointer sounding when side pressure applied..!

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pointer sounding when side pressure applied..!

Post by bluebenz1 »

Hi all, has anyone else found the pointer sounds when side pressure is applied, after getting a signal with my detector and making a hole i then fish around a bit with the pointer and found that you can set it off if there is just the right amount of pressure applied to the end, not directly down in line with the pointer but a sideways pressure....also a neat trick to increase the sensitivity
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I've tried it...it works...!!!

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Re: pointer sounding when side pressure applied..!

Post by Danzigman »

Yes.. Guess they all do that.. - conclude you have a GPP or GPP AT.. - the first generation Garrett Pro Pointers sometimes gets a defekt in the turn off/on contact. Just remember it is not a hammer, and knocking of soil and sand from finds with the GPP can not be recommended.. Also it is called a scraping blade, but not so good for digging.. Mine to from time to time gives a unintended sound of.

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Re: pointer sounding when side pressure applied..!

Post by dig-dog »

Yes, mine does that. It's done it since it was new.
Not impressed with it in general
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