Anyone Tried PP3 Li-ion rechargeable batteries?

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Anyone Tried PP3 Li-ion rechargeable batteries?

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The Original Poster, Backache, asked:
"My Fisher F4 detector takes 2 x 9V PP3 type batteries. In the past I did try NiMH rechargeables but with only limited success. They were either faulty, the charger was faulty or at best they only lasted a couple of hours in use, despite manufacturers claims.

I just wondered if anyone had tried the more modern rechargeable Lithium type PP3's."

My reply:
There's a couple of relevant forum threads here:


If your machine is a Fisher F4, you've obviously got a problem with your batteries/charger, because I found my F2 lasted many hours (over 15hrs ?) on a pair of 160mAh NiMH's. I'm assuming you're using headphones, if you're using the loudspeaker, you will get a lot less life. The other possibility is there's a fault with the machine, and it's draining the batteries when its switched off. It doesn't have a proper ON/OFF switch, some of it is powered up continuously. I have heard of other people having issues with this power control function, a common one is the inability to turn it off once you've turned it on. And water ingress (especially salt-water) could also disturb the power drawn.
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Re: Anyone Tried Li-ion rechargeable batteries

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I once used some Li-on camcorder batteries on a detector, mounted outside the box but lightweight. You need to check the actual voltage operating range of your detector. They worked well, quite cheap and came from China with charger! :D
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