battery modifications

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battery modifications

Post by fifleman »

just wondering if anyone has ever done a battery modification?
With the price of replacement battery packs and long charge times it would be far cheaper to use a self made lithium-ion pack.
you could fit aa lithium-ion ion cells and use a.resistor to lower the voltage to what you need.
I'm sure it's not as simple as that though

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Re: battery modifications

Post by Fusion »

"it's not as simple as that" is correct.
I can smell the burning transistors already....

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Re: battery modifications

Post by fifleman »

Ok well I've been looking at other batteries and have noticed that the juiced up rnb liion battery gives out 12.5 volts and this is ok for the detectors.
So why not just by a li-ion cell and connect it to the + - on the minelab battery case and secure it to the outside of the detector and get 3 times what the rnb is offering.

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Re: battery modifications

Post by Blackadder43 »

You can give the Etrac as much juice as you want, but it will only use what it needs.

I am no expert, but unless you know what you are doing i wouldnt try and bodge my own batteries together imo
Some of these batteries are unstable enough as it is, let alone a diy one.

A little story for you
My Dad flies remote control planes and helicopters, as does his friend.
My Dads friend had a lovely, huge purpose built shed where he stored and built his models.
He had been flying that day and came back and put his battery packs on charge.
One cell was faulty, swelled up and then exploded.
Burnt the shed down completely, and ruined thousands of pounds worth of models.
And these were legit, built and bought for purpose battery packs
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Re: battery modifications

Post by bobhope »

unless you have some electronic experience and understand the consequences of a battery short circuit I would leave well alone, if you are competent is electronics then go ahead, but don't forget the current safety limiters.

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Re: battery modifications

Post by gsxrjames47 »

Just charge the standard battery like most people do ::g

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Re: battery modifications

Post by hihosilver »

I think you might be confusing lithium-ion with lipo batteries. What voltage is the original etrac battery pack? If it's 12v then you could probably use a 3cell 11.1v lipo as they 'overcharge' to 12.4v (12.6 with some better ones). They require special chargers though, so you'd have to factor that into your expense. You would need some electronics knowledge too as you wouldn't want to run a board with too high (or low) a voltage or it could blow components. You also need to keep the cells balanced.
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