New kid on the block....

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New kid on the block....

Post by jcmaloney »

Could be interesting, has a very new look about it and C-Scope make some cracking machines. ::g

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Re: New kid on the block....

Post by mrix »

Thanks for the heads up!, Really pleased to see a New Machine from CSCcope with a New modern look ::g B-)
I initially started out with a Cscope countless years ago, in fact it was in kit form and you had to build it yourself, I then went on to a CS5MX which worked really well but then decided to upgrade as you do but shortly realised I never really needed to.
Will be interesting to see the finished product and how it performs ::g B-)

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Re: New kid on the block....

Post by JunkFinder »

As soon as I read CScope you had my attention. I'm a big fan of cscope machines. My second detector was a 6mxi, I've found loads of good stuff with that detector. I still have it, it's one of the most underrated detectors ever imo.
Good for them. 👍
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Re: New kid on the block....

Post by cantona1 »

It does look nice, but where's his spade?

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Re: New kid on the block....

Post by Oxgirl36 »

Yes he didn’t find much :-O
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