Finding Mira

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Finding Mira

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Jimi Hendrick take your "Purple haze." Quota Guru No#2 was dead to the world man. Like no sound, beep or bell. Totally wasted. Into the Bluenoser's blue bag and like there it was. Three fresh copper tops of the 9 volt variety. Injected them into Quota. One beep, two beeps and then the third. Life! Like it was time to do the dew after two weeks of neglecting my main squeeze; and I don't mean my main squeeze. Gave thanks to Dorian as like it shut down the port of Halifax and left the cruise far out man. So a wondering what "E" is going to be named. Inquiring minds like to know. Egbard, Ethel or Eagleton. Not shore hear butt bring it on man. Need a stretch of time off to recharge and the copper tops like don't do it fur dis bouy.

Anyway Quota Guru was lite. The queen was a visiting her sister, I cooked, cleaned and did I dust. Out to a local rugrat hang out that I had I thought. Coin infestation! Quota Guru was on his game.....only 7 junk targets. Like far out...added to the "Going to See Jim in the UK Fund 2020." Mind you it was only $4.34 cents but in UK terms 2 pounds pre Breexit! Quagmire that ...well leave to those who are there. We have our own problems with a fruit cake at the helm....a few more years and he will be on Parr with his father!

Anyway Mira showed Home safe and somewhat sound. Dorian but a dream. Loaded up on "witch doctor meds." Ready to tackle Liverpool and Arsenal with Tide wash pods! Oh joy!
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Re: Finding Mira

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I was wondering how you were getting on with Dorian, sounds like it rocked ::g

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